Houston spots to check out

4 Weird and Wild Houston Spots to Check Out

When you live in Houston, common activities include dining on big Texas ribs, hanging out at the local honky-tonk, and dancing the night away. But if you’re looking to do something off the grid, Houston has many surprising sights that will make you smile and make you gasp. Here are four weird and wild Houston spots to check out:

The Orange Show

First off, never has a place encouraged you to get your Vitamin C more. Jefferson Davis McKissack constructed this labyrinth art environment honoring John’s favorite fruit—the orange. Today, we call it The Orange Show. It took him from 1956-1979 to complete this 3,000 square foot masterpiece. To do so, he assembled various objects from gears to wagon wheels, to mannequins, piecing together a wholly original carnival-like monument, complete with a gift shop, museum, and wishing well. Orange you glad we mentioned it?

National Museum of Funeral History

Mystifyingly macabre, the National Museum of Funeral History is not for the faint of heart. Well, actually it is. Opened in 1992, this curious museum educates the public funeral procedures by featuring coffins and hearses, such as the 4500 pound hand-carved Rock Falls Hearse made in 1921. With exhibits devoted to embalming and coffin-making, you’ll make it out of here alive and enlightened.

Beer Can House

John Milkovisch worked in upholstery before turning his quaint Houston home into art. In 1968, John took his knowledge along with his love of beer and created the Beer Can House. Over 50,000 beer cans cover his home, taking him a total of 18 years worth of renovations to complete. A glass lawn, pull-tab curtains, and aluminum windmills round out the bizarre features of his historic home. Look hard enough and you might just find your favorite beer brand among the selections.

Hermann Park Train

Choo-Choo! All aboard the Hermann Park Train. This 20-minute train ride takes you through Rice University, the National History Museum, and other Houston destinations. Also, one highlight is the metal tunnel, in which local artist Trenton Doyle Hancock created a colorful homage to plants and animals titled “Destination Mound Town.” Monkeys, zebras, and elephants pop out at you in a bright display that will bring you back to your childhood.

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