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Munch on Some of the Most Unique Popcorn in Houston

Popcorn is a common snack in American households and a staple snack to crunch on while viewing a film in the theater. We no longer just eat it in its buttery form. A multitude of gourmet flavors are now at our fingertips. Check out these local shops where you can find some of the most unique popcorn in Houston:

Doc Popcorn

First up, Doc Popcorn was started by a couple, Rob and Renee, who began their journey in a tiny kitchen in their Manhattan apartment. They would pop their own yummy popcorn using natural flavors. Their creations were not only delicious but healthy as well. They began selling their kettle-cooked snacks in malls, stadiums, and event centers. Nowadays, their popcorn is being sold all across the country, bringing smiles to popcorn lovers everywhere. Some of their flavors include Apple Crisp, Cheesy Cheddar, Cocoa Caliente, Klassic Kettle, and Hoppin’ Jalapeno. There are plenty more flavors to choose from so everyone can have something special!

The Popcorn Bar

Next, The Popcorn Bar is a snack shop offering freshly made popcorn in exotic and gourmet flavors. Kisha and Lorenzo Armstead used to frequent popcorn stores they found on their travels. After extensive research, they started their own shop here in Houston. The price is very reasonable and the staff lets you sample any flavor for free! They also offer all kinds of flavors from fruity flavors to salty and cheesy ones. They even have an Oreo flavor! If you have a special event coming up, you can order large batches for weddings or other celebrations.


Thirdly, POParazzi’s is a popcorn emporium offering their product in unique packaging in a variety of flavors. Alan Roland dreamt of making an afterschool snack into a business. He grew up in a neighborhood with a popcorn shop. The non-traditional flavors and the aroma had him coming in frequently. His friend helped him open POParazzi, although he didn’t quite share his friend’s passion in the beginning. The Emmys and Whitney Houston have both served their popcorn. Their Wings n’ Ranch flavor was even voted Favorite Flavored Popcorn by the Houston Texans football team!

These shops for unique popcorn in Houston aren’t the only interesting places to check out. Please contact us for more information about Lincoln Galleria. We’d be happy to show you around!

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