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Experience a Classy Night Out at The Pass and Provisions

Our luxury apartments here at Lincoln Galleria are near so many neighborhood hotspots in Houston that there is no shortage of things to see and do. One of our favorite hotspots just 20 minutes away is The Pass and Provisions. These two sister restaurants provide an incredible dining experience.

The Pass

The Pass provides a top-notch, prix fixe dining experience in five or eight minimalist courses. This restaurant is perfect for a special celebration, impressing out of town guests, or just partaking in an entirely unique dinner. They have two different menus each night, one with omnivore options and one with vegetarian options. The Pass also offers wine or cocktail pairings to go with each course.

This restaurant gets its name from the space in a restaurant called “the pass.” The pass is where the chefs, cooks, and front house staff all meet to plate meals and send them out to the guests. The pass in this restaurant is visible by all the guests. So it makes for a lively and exciting dining experience.


Provisions is located in the rear part of this historic building that used to be an Italian import warehouse. The original owners operated a deli out of the front of the warehouse which is the location of the Pass. Provisions offers a warm and casual neighborhood dining experience. While the food is still exquisite and unique—think Squid Ink Cavatappi and Zucchini and Pistachio Cake—you can have a more informal dining experience at a lower price point.

More Details

If you want to eat at either restaurant, make sure you check the hours on the Pass and Provisions website because the Pass only takes seating during certain hours and Provisions is closed for several hours during the afternoon and on Mondays. They also have a private dining room on the second floor of the building that accommodates private parties. So contact the manager if you want to organize a private event.

These two restaurants are the epitome of New American fine dining. And they’re just a couple of many cool hangouts for foodies around Houston. For more information about living at Lincoln Galleria and all we have to offer, contact us today.

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