Try Asian Street Food at Tuk Tuk Crab

If you visit Thailand, you might take a ride in a tuk tuk, a three-wheeled taxi made for quick transportation. There may not be any tuk tuks near the Lincoln Galleria, but there is Tuk Tuk Crab, an enticing new restaurant serving Asian street food including Vietnamese, Thai, and Filipino styles in a casual environment.

Tuk Tuk Crab

Tuk Tuk Crab has an adorable, cafe-style ambiance with wooden tables, a simple setup, and creative writing on the walls. A painted mural, featuring a real tuk tuk, lends some authentic appeal. Settle into a comfortable booth with your friends, or grab a table for a more open experience.

Start your dining experience with some appetizers, which are some of the best you’ll find in the Houston area. Beef, chicken, and pork satay are all flavorful, delicious choices. The Tod Mun Pla, a type of Asian fish cake, is also delightful. Then, order a couple of larger dishes to try. The Curry Chicken and Pork Belly are both delicious, but the signature dish is the Curry Crab, which is always tender and bathed in a rich, creamy curry sauce.

No Asian street food meal is complete without a Jasmine or Thai tea! They also offer a few dessert choices, like the Thai Tea Ice Cream.

You’ll find Tuk Tuk Crab at 6128 Wilcrest Drive in Houston. They open daily at 11 am, and stay open until 8 pm or later.

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