The Union Kitchen: A New American Restaurant in Houston

From burgers to pizza, classic American cuisine is just so comforting after a long week at work.

If you’re looking for a unique take on these traditional dishes, visit The Union Kitchen. It’s a new American restaurant in Houston located just a few minutes from Lincoln Galleria apartments.

The Union Kitchen is the creation of Paul Miller, a charismatic restaurateur, and a graduate of Purdue University.

The name comes from his desire to unite good friends and good food. The American restaurant in Houston uses many locally-sourced ingredients, and global influences give Southern favorites new charm.

The Atmosphere

The Union Kitchen has a modern atmosphere that’s a cross between a classic Southern restaurant and an upscale bistro. Marble-topped tables give the place a clean, crisp feel. Large windows let in plenty of sunshine, and seating at the bar is perfect when you’re in a hurry. Admire the back-lit bar shelving, which really shows off the collection of wine and spirits.

The Menu

Enjoy brunch, lunch, or dinner at The Union Kitchen. At brunch time, one favorite is the pancake sliders, which consists of little pancakes, breakfast sausage, bacon, and eggs. The cinnamon rolls are a hit with guests. The rolls are topped with a signature orange glaze.

Or,┬ástop in for lunch, and you can sample the Union Hot Brown. It’s a take on the classic Hot Brown sandwich made with smoked turkey and ham on Texas toast.

For dinner, you can’t beat the brick oven pizzas. Sarah’s Pepperoni pizza has shaved pepperoni and Parmesan. The BBQ chicken pizza features The Union Kitchen’s signature BBQ sauce and shredded cheddar.

The Union Kitchen is open daily, and reservations are recommended for the weekend. Call 713-242-8151 to make yours. The restaurant is located at 6011 Washington Ave.

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