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Crack the Code: 3 of the Best Escape Rooms in Houston

Escape room experiences have taken the world by storm! Within a short drive from the Lincoln Galleria, you’ll find a number of venues offering the challenge. So, you can try your hand at many different rooms in the area. These experiences are part scavenger hunt and part logic puzzle, and they make for excellent team building activities. Enjoy these thrilling escape rooms in Houston with friends, family, a date, or on your own!

Houston Escape Room

As the area’s first escape room experience, Houston Escape Room knows what they’re doing! Their variety of puzzles are challenging, heart-racing, and interesting. They have four historic mystery-themed rooms that accommodate 4-10 people. Additionally, they also have a smaller room for 2-6 people, which provides a more intimate experience. As its current location rapidly grows in popularity, the team plans to open another branch in the area this year. They’re the perfect company to demonstrate the rise of escape rooms in Houston!

Escape Hunt Experience Houston

Escape Hunt is a worldwide chain with high standards for their franchises. Their Houston location is clean and eye-catching, with beautifully detailed puzzles. Patrons appreciate the friendly staff, the great environment, and the easy website booking process. Escape Hunt has two smaller rooms for 2-6 people, as well as one larger room for 6-10 people. The fun Texas-themed rooms at this location are immersive and very entertaining.


Finally, this local escape room business features three rooms, each designed to hold 10-12 people. Cipher prides itself on the difficulty of its puzzles, which attracts a lot of experienced players. They claim that only 20% of participants manage to escape the room! Cipher offers lower prices during the week, making this a reasonably priced option for those new to escape room challenges in Houston.

Escape rooms in Houston are just a few of the many exciting activities we have in the area. In Houston, you’re always just a few steps away from vibrant entertainment, nightlife, and dining. Please contact us today to discuss how you can join our wonderful community.

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