woman opening delivered' craft supplies from Sam's Club in Houston

Make DIY Crafts With Supplies From Michaels

If you’re looking for new ways to spend time at home, keep yourself busy by making DIY arts and crafts from the comfort of your apartment in Houston. From cute wall art to seasonal decorations, there are endless possibilities to unleash your creativity. The best part is, all the supplies you need can be found at a local Michaels store in Houston. Shop all types of necessities for your crafts online, through curbside pickup, or delivery. Here are three easy crafts to spice up your home.

Repurpose Old Canvas Art

If you have any unwanted art that doesn’t fit the style of your home decor, an amazing craft to do is to repurpose the canvas. The process itself is only 2 steps: painting the frame, and covering the canvas with a background image. For the first step, tape off where the frame ends and canvas begins so you don’t get paint on the canvas, and paint the frame whatever color fits your home decor best. Then start covering the canvas with a background image. Use modge podge for permanent coverage or spray the back of the new image with adhesive tape. For more information on how to do this craft, check out this Pinterest post

Rock and Pebble Art 

Add a touch of nature to your room with a simple rock and pebble art piece. Dig out an old picture frame or buy one, and fill the space with a cute rock and pebble design. You can even add twigs from outside to shape your art into a tree or other nature forms. Use this post as inspiration for your craft. 

Geometric Coasters 

Replace your old, boring coasters with these unique, geometric ones. They are extremely simple to build and make for a perfect weekend DIY project or holiday gift. For this craft you will need cork pieces, washi tape, paint brushes, cardstock, a craft knife, and a pen. Here are detailed, step-by-step instructions that you can use to complete your project. 

Before you start on your DIY crafts with supplies from Sam’s Club in Houston, fuel up on tasty coffee from these Houston coffee shops offering takeout. For more information on our apartments, or to book a tour, contact us today.  

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