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Rice University Offers Online Classes For Lifelong Learners

If you have more free time on your hands or just looking to learn something new, Rice University has put together several online classes on Coursera, an online learning platform, that you can take on your time and at your own pace. Best of all, you can learn right from the comfort of our Houston apartments. Here are three classes you can take today.

Foundations of Mindfulness

The free Foundations of Mindfulness course includes interactive exercises like guided meditations and personal reflection, as well as discussions of practice and theory to give learners a better understanding of how to practice mindfulness in their daily lives. You’ll learn how to alter your attitude and behavior to live more freely and have more discipline over your thoughts. This course is for beginners and takes approximately 16 hours to complete.

America Through Foreign Eyes

Rice faculty from a variety of disciplines have come together to create America Through Foreign Eyes, which takes 33 hours to complete. It focuses on perceptions of America abroad, both a mix of world culture and politics and American studies. You’ll learn the way different countries interact with America, Americans, and American culture. If you keep up with current events and politics, this is the perfect course for you.

Finance For Non-Finance Professionals

Learn the basic concepts of professional finance at Rice University over 14 hours in this beginner course of Finance for Non-Finance Professionals. Whether you’re contemplating getting an MBA or just want to improve your financial education, this course will teach you at a high level about investment, growth, dividends, and valuation. You’ll also get inside the head of a corporate financial manager and understand the way businesses keep their books.

For more ways to spend time productively at home, also check out e-book offerings from the Houston Public Libraries. If you want more information on our luxury Houston apartments, then contact us today.

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